characteristics of living organisms

I worked with nicolas larralde

Activity 1

The living things can make their own food, eat, move and most important they can grow. Humans, animals and plants can die, while not living things cant. The living things can also breath and reproduce.
2. We can see two humans, two dogs and a tree.

3. The clothes, a house, a stick the dog is holding, the kettle and the glass a man is holding.

Activity 2

The car needs oil to be used, if not it cannot produce energy to move. We need food to get energy and move. The car can move, humans, animals and plants can move too.
2. Because the car cannot grow, the car needs to be moved it cannot be moved by itself, the car cannot reproduce or breath.

Activity 3

a. Growth

b. All animals and plants

c.  Photosynthesis

d.  Irritability and Movement

2. Organism, Respiration, Movement, Nutrition, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Irritability.

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My newspaper



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come and see this movie

Manu,Bauti,Mati and Nano created this poster

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See you next year!

It’s been great to share this year with you. We worked hard and had lots of fun! Enjoy your holidays and get ready for Junior 5!

junior 4

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Wake up, Miss Tracy!

This Thursday we’ll be getting on the stage to present our drama play: Wake up, Miss Tracy! We are all very excited and looking forward to it! I’m sure you will shine on the stage!

Study your lines and as people in the theatre industry say…break a leg!


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Our online adventures by Santi Y., Clari & Feli

Here are more adventures for you to read!

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One more issue by Sere, Pili & Fede

Hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as the writers enjoyed writing it !

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Extra! Extra! Lots of adventures from Minecraftland, Mundo Gaturro & Puffleland!

These are the first three issues you created using Joomag. This is an online editor that you can use to create a magazine, e-book or brochure. Stay tunned for upcoming issues!

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Our Online Gaming Adventures told by us!

After lots of work the first issues of your online gaming adventures magazines are being released! There was a time for everything. First you brought your devices to school and you created the backgrounds where your stories were going to take place. Then you uploaded the images in the drive and started writing your stories. This was really hard work as you were writers, illustrators and editors, all at the same time! Then, you uploaded your stories in a new tool we discovered: JOOMAG. You worked collaboratively and once again confirmed that anything can be done as a team! Below are the links to the first issues….stay tunned for more!


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Let’s play and practice for the Movers!

Play this game to practice for the Movers exam. When your score increases you unlock new levels! Have fun!

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